2022 Festival in the Press

Taking 'Mama Bears' on the Road and Seeing Love Win

International Documentary Association

October 5, 2022

Have you ever had an experience that was so powerful it knocked you out of your body? And even as the event was still unfolding, the objective, analytical part of your consciousness was standing off to the side practically shouting, “Is this really happening? Or am I dreaming?!!” 

12 fun-filled Pittsburgh events in October, from Donut Fest to The Scary Furnace


September 29, 2022

A documentary about Christian mothers who choose their LGBTQ kids over the church. A world premiere about a female soccer star written and directed by Pitt graduate Sam McCoy. A fresh take on queer barbershop culture featuring Pittsburgher Devan Shimoyama. These are just some of the powerful stories that will light up the screen at the region’s only LGBTQ+ — and Pittsburgh’s longest-running — film festival.

1997 Wong Kar-wai film Happy Together, 2021 Taiwanese film Moneyboys at 2022 Reel Q Film Fest in October


September 21, 2022

The schedule for the 2022 Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival was just announced, and it features the 2021 Taiwanese film Moneyboys (金錢男孩MONEYBOYS) and the 1997 Wong Kar-wai film Happy Together (春光乍洩) on October 8 and 15, respectively.

Feature film based on Pitt graduates' viral short 'Thanks to Her' debuting at Reel Q film festival

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 5, 2022

It’s been more than two years since the locally shot short film “Thanks to Her,” which follows the burgeoning romance between two teenage girls, made its debut on YouTube. What started as then-University of Pittsburgh student Sam Orlowski’s senior capstone project has now amassed more than 1.6 million views and a legion of supporters craving more “Thanks to Her” content.

WTAE-TV reporter Sheldon Ingram guest stars on ‘Law & Order: SVU’


September 22, 2022

Directed and produced by 2019 University of Pittsburgh film production/communications grad Sam McCoy, “Thanks to Her” originated as a short film and was expanded into a 91-minute feature film about two high school girls, one who instigates a fight and another who breaks it up. Ingram plays the school principal who negotiates a peace between them.

Reel Q Announces Line-up for 37th Season


September 21, 2022

Reel Q, Pittsburgh’s annual LGBTQ+ film festival, has released its line-up of provocative films and special events for season 37. Running October 6 through the 15th, the in-person and online festival is highlighting a local independent production and features the largest selection of international films in its history.

Press Releases

Reel Q’s Amazing Short Films

As in previous years, Reel Q is presenting a terrific selection of short films on three consecutive nights exploring the wide and diverse LGBT community.

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High Wattage Stars in ReelQ 2016

In what may well be the most star-studded Reel Q ever, over a dozen stars embracing the worlds of film, television and Broadway appear in movies being screened at the 2016 festival.

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Sex, Scandal & Murder @ Reel Q

James Franco and Christian Slater lead an impressive cast in a film that chronicles one of the biggest scandals in the adult entertainment industry.

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