Shiva Baby

When: March 15th – March 22nd
Where: Online (Wherever You Live)
Tickets: $15.00

We’re thrilled to present Shiva Baby in partnership with Film Pittsburgh for their March Spotlight+ film. Shiva Baby is available for streaming for one week only—March 15 through March 22. Tickets are limited, so grab one now before they sell out!

About the Film

This ruefully snarky and fast-paced debut from writer & director Emma Seligman follows a young woman who struggles to keep up different versions of herself while at a shiva with her parents.
Variety describes Shiva Baby as a “late-coming-of-age farce” and compares it to “the indoor apocalypse that takes place in Mother!” (2017). Called “a deftly crafted comedy of discomfort” by the Hollywood Reporter, Shiva Baby is the kind of edgy film that never really lets you settle in but prefers to keep you squirming in your discomfort throughout.

Director: Emma Seligman