Our Shorts

Wednesday, October 15, 7:30 PM at the Harris Theater

The complex and fascinating LGBT experience is revealed with a terrific mix of short films.

MeTubeAugust Sings Carmen

(Austria; 2013; 4 min.)
Director: Daniel Moshel
This wonderful musical spoofs all of those online wannabees who upload ridiculous homemade videos to YouTube. In French with English subtitles.





Beyond the Mirror’s Gaze

(Canada; 2013; 4 min.)
Director: Iris Moore
Using silly, playful animation, a couple gets acquainted by sharing their features, top to bottom.





Black is Blue

(US; 2014; 21 min.)
Director: Cheryl Dunye
A provocative look at a tough, masculine security guard who isn’t all that he appears.




Families are Forever

(US; 2013; 21 min.)
Director: Vivian Kleiman
Faith, family and fairness come under study in this film about devout Mormons in California who supported Proposition 8 without realizing that their own son was struggling with his own sexuality issues.



If We Took a Holiday

(US; 2014; 18 min.)
Director: Glenn Gaylord, Nadya Ginsburg and Dennis Hensley
A struggling LA actress impersonates Madonna for the day as a birthday gift for her recently dumped gay BFF, musical numbers and all….but things don’t go as planned.







Lavender Hill

(US; 2013; 25 min.)
Director: Austin Bunn
Filled with rare images and colorful memories, this short documentary reflects on a gay and lesbian commune created in Upstate New York during the wild and free-spirited 1970s.



Truth or Dare

(US; 2014; 8 min.)
Director: Branden Blinn
Always unlucky in love, Lizzy may have found the man of her dreams in the handsome and confident Cole. But to be sure, she challenges him to a game of truth or dare leading to some daring truths being exposed.





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