Tru Love

Sunday October 12, 4:30 PM at the Harris Theater


(Canada; 2013; 94 min.)
Directors: Kate Johnston & Shauna MacDonald
True love doesn’t run smoothly, especially for a woman named Tru.

Co-director Shauna MacDonald plays the title character, a 37-year-old lesbian who has trouble maintaining relationship and even jobs. But when Alice, the mother of her best friend Suzanne, arrives in town, ties between the three women start to bind and fray as Tru and Alice fall in love — causing Suzanne to become alarmed which may reveal secrets that have been long buried.

The fine cast includes Peter MacNeill, who is well known to LGBT audiences as Detective Carl Horvath from TV’s “Queer as Folk.” Alice: Kate Trotter. Suzanne: Christine Horne.

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