Women’s Shorts

Monday, October 13, 7:30 PM at the Harris Theater

These brief films use humor, music and drama to explore the experiences of lesbians and bisexual women.


Anti-Aging Erna

(Germany; 2012; 7 min)
Director: Fabian Wallenfels
Stefanie attends her friend’s bachelorette party, but it is not a man who sparks her interest.





(Junggesellin) (Germany; 2012; 15 min)
Director: Anna Linke
An aging diva luxuriates in a five-star hotel suite with her much younger lover, but an argument between the women carves deep emotional wounds — with surprising results. In German with English subtitles.






(US; 2013; 14 min)
Director: Erin Sanger
Gender identity is explored in this thought-provoking short about a girl who feels so much like a boy that she changes her look to spend time with the guys.






Dream Date

(UK; 2012; 3 min.)
Directors: Diana Juhr de Benedetti & Andromeda Godfrey
A night of no-strings-attached fun may be more tangled that it appears for the two women involved.






The Kiss

(Poland; 2013; 21 min.)
Director: Filip Gieldon
One simple act — a kiss — is the only thing a woman remembers with any certainty after waking up alone in a stranger’s bed. In Polish with English subtitles.







(Spain; 2012; 15 min.)
Director: Eli Navarro
The woman living next door often does good deeds, but one act of neighborliness gets very personal. In Spanish with English subtitles.






The Other Woman

(Senegal; 2013; 13 min.)
Director: Marie Ka
A Senegalese tradition meets modern life when two women share much more than the same husband. In French with English subtitles.






What’s Your Sign?

(US; 2013; 6 min.)
Directors: Rebby Kern, Reese Mortis & Alex Siow
An art gallery opening leads to some interesting fantasies for two women conversing in sign language.





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