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Best of the Festival

And The Winners Are…..

MARGARITA WITH A STRAW – Women’sĀ Favorite Feature

TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL – Men’s Favorite Feature

TWO 4 ONE – Our Favorite Feature

TREMULO – Men’s Favorite Short

IN THE HOLLOW – Women’s Favorite Short

STEALTH – Our Favorite Short

Festival Schedule

Thursday, October 8, 2015
All About Evil 8:00 PM HT
Friday, October 9, 2015
Out To Win 7:00 PM HT
Saturday, Oct. 10
Our Shorts 1:30 PM HT
S&M Sally 4:00 PM HT
Margarita With a Straw 6:30 PM HT
Those People 9:00 PM HT
Sunday, Oct. 11
Stuff 12:00 PM HT
Two 4 One 2:30 PM HT
While You Weren’t Looking 5:00 PM HT
Kiss Me Kill Me 7:30 PM HT
Monday, Oct. 12
Tab Hunter Confidential 7:30 PM HT
Tuesday, Oct. 13
Men’s Shorts 7:30 PM HT
Wednesday, Oct. 14
Women’s Shorts 7:30 PM HT
Thursday, Oct. 15
Baby Steps 7:30 PM HT
Friday, Oct. 16
Liz In September 7:00 PM HT
Guidance 9:00 PM HT
Saturday, Oct. 17
Game Face 12:00 PM HT
In The Grayscale 2:30 PM HT
Alto 5:00 PM HT
54 7:30 PM HT
HT – Harris Theater