Men’s Shorts

Tuesday October 13, 7:30 PM at the Harris Theater

Heavenly PeaceHeavenly Peace (USA 2014; 5 min.)
Andreas Wessel-Therhorn
Celebrate an early Yule with this charming animated short about a clever cherub who tries to reunite two loving but dysfunctional men on Christmas.





HoleHole (Canada 2014; 15 min.)
Martin Edralin
Billy, a middle-aged disabled man, is a classical music lover and well-liked Value Village worker who longs for intimacy. Director Martin Edralin creates an honest portrait of a quest for human connection.



I doI Do (Brazil 2014; 20 min.)
Felipe Cabral
A wonderfully funny little comedy, this film set in brilliant Rio de Janeiro is the delightful tale of a young man’s elaborate plot to ask his boyfriend to marry him, but nothing goes as planned. In Portuguese with English subtitles.




Lady of the NightLady of the Night (France 2014; 11 min.)
Laurent Boileau
Brilliant animation is used to show how a closeted gay man finally lets go of his frustrations and regrets by going full drag and bursting into song. Actor, singer and songwriter Adam Pascal (Broadway’s Rent) composed the film’s songs.




MINISUPREMEMini Supreme (USA 2015; 9 min.)
Michael Phillis
After losing his dead-end corporate job, Jeremie finally resolves to follow his own dream: he decides to enter a little girls’ beauty pageant, tutu and all, claiming he has a growth disorder. The pageant moms are not amused, but Jeremie is one determined pageant queen.




TremuloTremulo (Mexico 2015; 20 min.)
Roberto Fiesco
The subject of freedom is examined in this erotically charged film; a young barbershop assistant working just before Mexico’s Independence Day and the handsome army recruit who stops by for a trim.




WayneWayne (USA 2015; 9 min.)
Mario Galarreta
Romance, memory, nostalgia and bravery all intermingle in this brilliant and emotionally charged film about an elderly man suffering from dementia who finally seeks out the forbidden love of his youth.




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