Sunday October 11, 12:00 PM at the Harris Theater


(USA 2015; 98 min.)
Director: Suzanne Guacci

This timely film takes an emotional, down-to-earth look at how complacency can be as big of an issue in a same-sex marriage as it is in a heterosexual one.

After 14 years together, Deb and Trish (Yvonne Jung, Karen Sillas) are in a muddle of family obligations and the mundane matters of daily life. While Deb focuses on raising their two daughters, Trish finds herself divided between her busy dental practice and caring for her recently widowed mother. The result is that the women are now miles apart emotionally.

But things become complicated when Deb connects with a fellow mother (Traci Dinwiddie from the popular 2010 film Elena Undone), a sexy and fascinating tattoo artist.


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