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Best of the Festival

And the winners are…

Burn, Burn, Burn – Women’s Favorite Feature

 Johnathan – Men’s Favorite Feature

 Real Boy – Favorite Documentary

Alzheimer’s Love Story – Men’s Favorite Short

B and Little Doll (tie) – Women’s Favorite Short

Dawn and Handsome & Majestic – Trans Favorite Short

Festival Schedule

Thursday, October 6, 2016
Strike A Pose 7:00 PM HT
Friday, Oct. 7
Watermelon Women 7:00 PM HT
Retake 9:15 PM HT
Saturday, Oct. 8
Beautiful Thing 1:00 PM HT
Summertime 3:30 PM HT
Southwest of Salem 6:00 PM HT
Paris 05:59: Theo & Hugo 8:30 PM HT
Sunday, Oct. 9
Real Boy 2:00 PM HT
Burn, Burn, Burn 4:00 PM HT
Hurricane Bianca 6:30 PM HT
Monday, Oct. 10
Lazy Eye 7:00 PM HT
Tuesday, Oct. 11
Trans Shorts 7:00 PM HT
Wednesday, Oct. 12
Women’s Shorts 7:00 PM HT
Thursday, Oct. 13
Men’s Shorts 7:00 PM HT
Friday, Oct. 14
Heartland 7:00 PM HT
Closet Monster 9:15 PM HT
Saturday, Oct. 15
Women Who Kill 3:00 PM HT
Jonathan 5:30 PM HT
King Cobra 8:00 PM HT
HT – Harris Theater