Men’s Shorts

Thursday October 13 7:00 PM

Alzheimer’s: A Love Story (USA, 2016, 17 min.)
Directors: Monica Petruzzelli and Gabe Schimmel
Every day Michael visits Greg at a memory care facility in Chicago. But does Greg know who Michael is or why he comes? For Michael it’s only natural since he has loved Greg since the day they met 40 years ago.


Bittersweet (USA, 2015, 4 min.)
Director: Allen Martsch
A shy teen writes a heartfelt candygram message to his high school crush, another boy. When he loses his courage and changes his mind, however, fate has other plans.


crazy-houseCrazy House (Canada, 2015, 18 min.)
Director: Aaron Mirkin
After the suicide of his best friend a teenage boy is forced to deal with his guilt and his repressed homosexuality, which caused him to reject his friend as a lover.

Folsom Street Low ResFolsom Street (USA, 2015, 6 min.)

Director: Aron Kantor
’70s gay leather and S&M merges with Bob Fosse moves, as a leather daddy descends into a dungeon, where he whips the patrons into a kinky, sexually charged dance frenzy.

Men's Shorts Lo ResThe Glory Hole (USA, 2014, 4 min.)
Director: Daniel Maggio
Two San Franciscan men, together for 22 years, recount their most unlikely first date.



Noam Low ResNoam (Israel, 2015, 15 min.)
Director: Boaz Foster
Boy meets boy at auditions for the school production of Romeo and Juliet in this sweet tale of first love and coming out… as an actor.

Thank You For Dancing Low ResThanks for Dancing (Norway, 2015, 19 min.)
Director: Henrik Martin Dahisbakken
In this tender glimpse of an aging couple in Norway, two former pro skiers broach — and avoid — the fact that this may be their last winter together.


The Weigh In (USA, 2014, 2 min.)
Directors: the Perez brothers
Every second counts in this very short sports film that is less than two minutes long. Nevertheless it manages to tell a full story and cram in shirtless men and plenty of homoerotic imagery — and pack a punch.




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