Dykes, Camera, Action

When: Saturday, October 5th @ 5:30 pm
Where: Row House Cinema (4115 Butler Street)
Runtime: 58 Minutes

About the Film

“We take so much about our lives from popular culture, whether that’s film or television… So much of our own sense of what’s possible comes from our encounters with those stories, those characters, those kinds of examples, that if we’re not able to see some versions of ourselves at all, we really become impoverished, or frightened, or fearful, or just plain ignorant.“ – film critic B Ruby Rich in Dykes, Camera, Action

Dykes, Camera, Action is a crash-course in lesbian film, covering everything from the first tragic glimpses of lesbians on film, through groundbreaking experimental work, to the New Queer Cinema of the 1990’s and beyond. A who’s-who of lesbian directors come out from behind the camera to discuss their own films, as well as the films that inspired them. Fans of lesbian cinema will learn some hot tidbits about classic favorites like Go Fish and The Watermelon Woman, and come away with a list of titles they absolutely must watch.

This film is the result of the chance meeting between director Caroline Berler, and Rose Troche, director of Go Fish and producer of the popular series The L Word. Inspired by Troche’s work, Berler sought to educate herself about the history of lesbian film, resulting in a documentary that reflect’s its creator’s curiosity and informs, while never talking down to us. It documents important moments in film and LGBTQIA+ history, but also makes for good entertainment.

“It’s very important to see yourself reflected on screen,” Desiree Akhavan says in the film,” It gives you humanity. But also, it humanizes you to other people.”

Director: Caroline Berler

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