From Zero to I Love You

When: Saturday, October 5th @ 3:00 pm
Where: Row House Cinema (4115 Butler Street)
Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

About the Film

Pete (Darryl Stephens) has an unfortunate habit of beginning affairs with closeted married men. Typically they end because Pete has commitment issues. He moves on, and the men return to their families.

This time might be different.

Yes, another married man: Jack (Scott Bailey) with two kids and a wife in the suburbs (Keili Lefkovitz), who we soon care about. Jack’s been frequenting the gay bars of Philadelphia, and when he meets Pete — the bar’s called Zero, get it? — sparks fly. Eventually Jack promises to leave his wife, but others have said the same. Will this time be different?

The chemistry between the leads is palpable. Stephens (from the hit TV series Noah’s Arc) is model-worthy and Bailey makes a good-looking match. But as one begins his coming-out process, the other backs off with a new romance.

Mention should be made of the excellent supporting cast: in addition to Lefkovitz, Leslie Zemeckis plays Pete’s future step-mom and Richard Lawson (who has a long TV career) plays his dad. Their repartee is quick-witted and wise.

When the leads begin to experience a roller-coaster ride of complications (Pete moves in with his new love; Jack’s wife gets pregnant) a rematch no longer seems likely.

In this entertaining rom-com with darker undertones it just might not be boy-meets-boy, boy-loses-boy, boy-gets-boy after all.

Director: Doug Spearman

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