His Shorts

When: Thursday, October 10th @ 7:00 pm
Where: Row House Cinema (4115 Butler Street)
Showing: 7 Films (1 Hour 50 Minutes)

Answer the age old question with us: How far would you go to be bottom ready? Join us as we laugh, cry, and explore the complexities of life as a gay man. There’s international and generational relationships, vogueing, and so much more.

About the Films


LIMP follows Sean, a young gay man with cerebral palsy as he navigates dating with a disability in New York City. After meeting a man he believes is a perfect match, he decides to lie about his disability, saying he sprained his ankle at the gym. This white lie leads to series of events and missteps that make Sean examine the way he presents himself and his condition to the world.

Director: Stephen Riscica

Only Trumpets

Cynical but hopelessly longing for love, Tristan (Xavier Jimenez March) , looks for fulfillment through dating apps and casual sexual encounters. An unexpected glance across the bar leads to a magical evening of connection and passion with an angelic equal played by rising star musician and artist Daniel Crook. When the morning comes, the two must part, leaving Tristan back where he started, but better, having loved and experienced genuine connection— if only for a moment.

Director: Tristan Scott-Behrends

Delivery Boy

Local delivery boy Chunho falls in love after delivering dumplings to Eric, an American lawyer living in Hong Kong. Their love for food and cheesy 70s music bring them together, but the class difference between the two of them eventually gets in the way.

Director: Hugo Kenzo

Next Level Shit

Taylor (Ben Baur) prepares obsessively for the perfect third date with dreamboat Chris (Daniel K. Isaac), but his efforts backfire, sending the relationship spiraling to a whole new level of intimacy.

Director: Gary Jaffe


Makai is a homeless, queer boy sleeping on his friend’s couch. As the two prepare for a night of competition at a Kiki Ball, Makai is forced to reconnect with his disapproving brother. Seeking distraction from his displaced family life, Makai chooses to resist when his new-found family is threatened.

Director: Joseph Amenta

Bird Of Paradise

A queer geriatric nurse learns one of life hardest lessons when he falls in love with one of his elderly patients.

Director: Alexander Zorn


Starring Daniel K. Isaac (Billions) and Ryan Jamaal Swain (Pose), Engaged is an LGBT comedic drama that follows Darren, who keeps trying – and failing – to propose to his boyfriend Elliot. When their relationship is put into an uncomfortable spotlight during a friend’s outrageous engagement party, Darren realizes he actually might be self-sabotaging himself due to unresolved insecurities about his sexuality.

Director: David Scala

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