Teen Dreams

When: Saturday, October 5th @ 1:00 pm
Where: Row House Cinema (4115 Butler Street)
Showing: 13 Films (1 Hour 41 Minutes)

Jump out of the closet and into a world of flower princes, summer camp, quirky animation, and a special premiere screening of a documentary on the infamous Blue Moon Bar! This program is perfect for the young and young at heart and it’s Pay What Makes You Happy for everyone 21 and under!

About the Films

A Queen of Dragons

Drag Queen Story Hour is just what it sounds like—an event series of drag queens reading stories to kids in bookstores, libraries, schools, and beyond. This film is about that event series, focusing on the kids’ experience of drag queen story hour—showing footage of the event and kids’ reactions, as well as several interviews with kids on their impressions of the event. It also includes the behind the scenes: interviews from the adults who started, run, and perform in the events on why they think it’s important for children (including the founder of the event series and several drag queen who participate in it); and finally, touches on why other grownups are opposed to the event series. As adults fight over this event geared towards children and how it impacts children, the film explores what the kids themselves think and how the events impact them. One thing is for certain: kids and drag queens have more in common than you might assume.

Director: Kristina Budelis


Eyes is a mixed-media animation about moving though the world as a non-binary person. It explores the tension between being looked at and being seen through a day in the life of Jig. A collaboration with the young people of the Indigo project, a queer youth group based in East London.

Director: Lily Ash Sakula

In a Moment

Max isn’t sure about his sexual orientation until he meets Leon at his new school. When Max is singing a song at a school concert something beautiful happens.

Director: Sharlin Lucia

The Acorn Princess

Princess Cornelia and the Flower Prince have been betrothed for as long as they can remember. The two have grown inseparable…as friends. Cornelia pines for the heart of the guard captain, and the Flower Prince is involved with another in secret. On the eve of their wedding day, the pair dread what may be the end of their lives as they know it.

Director: Madeline Dorroh

See You Next Summer

Following the divorce of her parents, a young girl is sent to an all-girls summer camp, where she comes to terms with her sexuality while trying to fit in with the girls of Cabin 5.

Director: Scarlett Turner

The Closet

A depressed, closeted gay teenager is trapped inside a dark closet and has to find the strength and courage in order to get out.

Director: Joshua Malisos

Tie, Tie Again

A Father’s Day gift brings back memories.

Director: Mickey White

Jo and Jade

Jo and Jade are two very different teenagers – Jo is geeky, quiet, and shy, whereas Jade is outgoing, confident and popular. By a stroke of luck for Jade, they end up together, but from the outset things don’t seem good – the awkwardness is just too much to bear. After many painful dates, Jade goes round for dinner at Jo’s house, and after some struggle eventually breaks up with her, leaving Jo stunned, and not sure what to think.

Director: Ethan Ross

Go Go, Boy!

A boy finds his fabulous when he ditches wrestling for dance.

Director: Oriana Oppice


Featuring young trans actors in trans roles, ‘Listen’ honestly and frankly depicts some of the myriad struggles experienced daily by trans children and teenagers, giving a much needed voice to this often maligned section of the community.

Director: Jake Graf

The One You Never Forget

Carey, a 14 year old boy nervously prepares for his first dance as his parents reminisce about their own. When Carey’s mother (Tasha Smith, Empire) tasks Carey’s father (Malik Whitfield, The Temptations) with getting the perfect picture of Carey and his date, a moment of tension arrises as Carey becomes elusive and tries to thwart his father’s objective.

Director: Morgan Jon Fox

2019 Awards

Reel Teens: Blue Moon

Reel Teens Doria and Violet take to the Blue Moon Bar to learn about Drag. Cindy Crotchford, Bambi Deerest, and several other celebrated Pittsburgh queens tell their stories and invite us to learn more about their community.

Directors: Doria Focareta & Violet Wright

Welcome to the Ball

A child learns sign language in hopes of making a new friend.

Director: Adam Vincent Wright

Community Co-Producer