DIRECTOR: Tracy Choi
2016 | Hong Kong | 97min

The past is always with us. But revisiting the past doesn’t always bring about insight and healing. Sisterhood focuses on one woman’s return to her past life to make sense of a friendship and to discover the truth about why that relationship ended.

When Sei (Gigi Leung), an innkeeper in Taiwan, learns about the death of her ex-best friend Ling, she revisits Macau for the first time in nearly 20 years to reconnect with her past.

The flashbacks relive the friendship between the teenage Sei (Fish Liew) and Ling (Jennifer Yu), an older woman at work. Sei reminisces about the home they built together and raising Ling’s son. However, the friendship ends after a fight during a New Year’s Eve party, in which the pair never speak to each other again.

While searching for Ling’s son, Sei finds Macau so completely transformed that she no longer recognizes her hometown. Gradually, she pieces together the truth behind their relationship and its break-up, even though the past can never quite be reclaimed.

While the intimacy between the two young women can be interpreted in several ways, Tracy Choi’s Sisterhood is a beautiful portrait of female friendship and love in a homophobic environment.

Harris Theater
October 19, 2017

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