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Congrats to Our 2023 Festival Winners

Welcome to Reel Q 38

Join us for the 38th installment of the Reel Q film festival. Our annual event mixes both in-person and online programming for 2023, inviting viewers to mingle at special screenings across Pittsburgh and to enjoy the best in queer cinema from the comfort of home.

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Reel Q 38 - That's a Wrap

2023 Features

Lie With Me Poster

Lie With Me

Norwegian Dream Poster

Norwegian Dream

Chasing Chasing Amy

Chasing Chasing Amy

Lie With Me Poster

The Judgment

Commitment to Life Poster

Commitment to Life

Egghead & Twinkie Poster

Egghead & Twinkie

Blue Jean Poster

Blue Jean

Mattachine Family Poster

The Mattachine Family

Glitter + Doom Poster

Glitter + Doom

Silver Haze Poster

Silver Haze

Before I Change My Mind Poster

Before I Change My Mind

Golden Delicious Poster

Golden Delicious

Fireworks Poster


Queen Tut Poster

Queen Tut

2023 Shorts Programs

Chokehole Still

Fluid Identities

Ambrosia Still


A King Gazing at the Sea Still

His Shorts

Skate Still

Queer Friendship

Samira Still

Her Shorts

Adjustment Still

Global Shorts

Bay Creek Tennis Camp Still

Teen Dreams

The Best Seats in Your House

Now showing in your living room or home theater: Reel Q 38! In addition to eighteen exciting in-person screenings, this year’s festival brings the entire shorts program right to you. Learn how our online platform, Eventive, can deliver Reel Q’s 2023 festivities to your favorite screen, wherever you are.

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2023 Festival in the Press

Faces & Places: Reel Q Film Festival Premier of ‘Carla’


October 15, 2023

Mara Rago‘s “Carla” documentary premiered at the Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBTQ Film Festival to a sold-out crowd at the Warhol Museum Friday evening.

Passing Judgment on ‘The Judgment’


October 7, 2023

Mo (Junes Zahdi) must face his tragic past when he and his partner, Hisham (Freddy Shahin), travel back to Alexandria, Egypt in Marwan Mokbel’s film, “The Judgment,” which premieres tonight at the Reel Q Film Festival.

The Power of Two – A Review of ‘Glitter & Doom’


October 6, 2023

Glitter (Alex Diaz), an amateur circus clown, meets Doom (Alan Cammish), a sad sack musician and the duo falls in love in the stylistic musical, Glitter & Doom. The film will premiere in Pittsburgh on Sunday, October 9.

Funky Tut - A Review of Queen Tut


October 5, 2023

After the death of his mother, Nabil (Ryan Ali) returns to Toronto to find freedom with his adopted drag momma, Malibu (Alexandra Billings, Transparent, The Conners) in Queen Tut, which premieres in Pittsburgh on Sunday, October 15.

Reel Q Film Festival returns with new movies

KDKA Talk Pittsburgh

October 3, 2023

Reel Q is one of the oldest annual LGBTQ film festivals in the entire world, and they're back with a brand new collection of movies for people to enjoy. Heather Abraham talks to the festival's executive director, T.J. Murphy, and film director Mara Rago.

11 October events you can’t miss, from the Festival of Combustion to the last Big Pour


October 2, 2023

Pittsburgh’s longest-running film festival is also the world’s sixth-oldest LGBTQ+ film festival. The cultural staple returns with 50 shorts, 17 features, special events and virtual offerings.

The Soul of My Subject - a review of 'Carla'


October 2, 2023

Artist, photographer, and now director, Mara Rago depicts the life of a Pittsburgh trans woman, Carla Beck, in her documentary, “Carla,” a short film premiering at the Reel Q Film Festival on Friday, October 13 at the Warhol Museum.

38th Annual Reel Q Film Festival to Screen World Premier and Iconic Line-up of LGBTQ+ Features and Shorts


September 19, 2023

Reel Q, Pittsburgh’s annual LGBTQ+ film festival and sixth-oldest LGBTQ+ film festival in the world, just released an iconic line-up of films and special events for the 2023 season, which runs from October 6 to 15.

Reel Q 38 Photography by Dante Massey Thanks, Dante

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