DIRECTOR: Jakob Erwa
2016 | Germany | 115m

In this sexy adaptation of a German young-adult bestseller, Center of My World explores a teenager’s first love — and lust — while exposing long-hidden family secrets.

Raised by a free-spirited single mother, Phil (Louis Hoffman) is an out 17-year-old who is growing up in a small German town with his twin sister. When the school year starts, a handsome newcomer, Nicholas (Jannik Shümann), joins Phil’s class. The pair’s skyrocketing attraction is mutual, which finally combusts in the school showers.

Blinded by his infatuation, it never occurs to Phil that the object of his desire may be anything less than perfect. When he introduces Nicholas to his best friend Kat (Svenja Jung) she at first finds something “not quite right” about the good-looking athlete, but soon the three become inseparable. As the relationship between the two teens heats up, Phil’s life at home begins to unravel.

With strong performances by the young cast, Center of My World is a dreamlike coming-of-age tale that is beautifully filmed with a sex-positive depiction of first love and lust. The good-looking cast members are all very convincing in their roles — in and out of their clothes.


Harris Theater
October 21, 2017

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