DIRECTOR: Assaud Yacoub
2016 | USA | 79min

Cherry Pop has seen better days. This shabby, small-town gay bar is home to a bevy of glittering — although somewhat disheveled — drag queens who perform weekly. However, these queens typically outnumber the audience members.

The drama largely occurs backstage after Cherry Pop’s aging and embittered headliner, Lady Zaza (Tempest Dujour), refuses to leave her dressing room. It’s time for Zaza to take stock of her life, on and off the stage.

That leaves the other ladies dealing with problems of their own — mainly the fact that they can’t stand one another. What can you expect from a cast of back-stabbing divas?

Also featured is a cute newcomer (Lars Berge) who’s hiding a huge secret while getting ready for his debut performance. When it’s eventually exposed, all the drag queens will be shrieking.

With a large lineup that includes several of RuPal’s Drag Race alumni, Cherry Pop allows the queens play bitchier versions of their regular stage personas. Featured queens include Bob the Drag Queen, Detox, and even Latrice Royale, who are out of drag — and out of sorts — in the audience.

As Bob tells the befuddled audience, “Girl, I don’t know how long this night has felt for y’all, but let me tell you, backstage this is one hell of a night.” You’d better be strapped up, tucked in, and ready for your close-up!

Harris Theater
October 21, 2017

After the screening, join us at Tilden (941 Liberty Ave)
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