Saturday October 17, 5:00 PM at the Harris Theater


(USA 2015; 101 min.)
Director: Mikki del Monico

A runner-up on TV’s American Idol, singer and actress Diana DeGarmo shines in this delightful comedy.

DeGarmo plays rising singer-songwriter Francesca “Frankie” Del Vecchio, who is happily engaged to successful businessman Tony (Jake Robards, son of legendary actor Jason Robards). Frankie is enjoying the all-encompassing love of their Italian-American families. However, the couple’s idyllic world is turned upside down when Frankie discovers a dead body in the trunk of her rental car. Soon she finds herself pulled into the wickedly funny machinations of a mafia family and the patriarch’s seductive daughter.

The engaging cast includes Annabella Sciorra (Showtime’s The L Word), Lin Tucci (Netflix’s Orange is the New Black) and David Valcin (TV’s Person of Interest).

Director Mikki del Monico, producer/actress Toni D’Antonio, and the actor, Lou Martini, Jr There will be a Q & A afterward.


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