Baby Steps

Thursday October 15, 7:30 PM at the Harris Theater

Baby Steps

(Tawian 2014; 103 Min.)
Director: Barney Cheng

Family roles, societal expectations and plenty of love power are featured in this wonderful dramedy.

Danny (Barney Cheng) is a young man of Taiwanese descent living happily with his American partner, Tate (Michael Adam Hamilton). The happy couple decides to start a family through surrogacy. Unfortunately, the process becomes even more complicated when Danny’s loving but controlling mother (the terrific Grace Guei from the classic 1994 film Eat Drink Man Woman) enters the picture.

The excellent supporting cast includes comedian/actor Jason Stuart, Meera Simhan (TV’s Anger Management), Yvette Mercedes (from the critically acclaimed 2008 short film The Red Dress) and Chrisanne Eastwood (HBO’s Arli$$).

This film is screened in English and Mandarin with English subtitles as needed.


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This film is presented in cooperation with Silk Screen Film Festival

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