DIRECTOR: Roberto Pérez Toledo
2017 | Spain | 93min

Par-tay! Gay, straight, bi, trans — you’re all welcome.

Milo (Carlo D’Ursi) seemed to have it all: he’s handsome, rich, and has a hot boyfriend, Mario (Daniel Muriel). But that was over a decade ago, before his lover walked out on him. Now he’s bitter and lonely after a serious accident confines him to a wheelchair.

Milo’s best friend is determined to make Milo’s birthday a special one. However, when his Trans girlfriend helps him throw a wild party for Milo, things get a bit out of control. Soon, Milo’s mansion becomes the setting for an orgy, filled with a variety of naked and near-naked bodies. Never have the twosomes, threesomes, and moresomes been so sexy and so much fun. The party-goers include a gigolo, a Trans drug dealer, cheating Latin lovers, and relationships in crisis. Sooner or later, everyone converges at the pool where a foam cannon delivers the film’s title. Oh, and isn’t that Milo’s ex Mario over there?

Writer and Director Roberto Pérez Toledo brings a smart and witty script to this Spanish Rom-Com. Like Foam is about young people hoping to mend broken hearts and to find lasting relationships. It’s a funny, emotional film where the cast is stripped bare in more ways than one.


OCTOBER 21, 2017

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