Global Gays

When: Sunday, October 6th @ 1:00 pm
Where: Row House Cinema (4115 Butler Street)
Showing: 7 Films (1 Hour 35 Minutes)

Travel across the globe from the comfort of your seat as these films take you to Iran, Myanmar, India, and more to explore the stories of people just like you from around the world.

About the Films

Whole Again

A brief look at Polish Transgender Rights and the fight for normalcy.

Director: Emily Yarnall

Look Baba, I’m Happy

Gulzar, a gay Afghan man, reckons with dark memories after the death of his estranged father in Berlin.

Director: Nish Gera


Van Essa Da Silva, a Brazilian Drag Queen, reminds us of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, made 70 years ago. Her Accep-Dance is a call to keep on fighting for equal rights. For everyone. Everywhere.

Director: Mayté Richter

A Thousand Years of Love

Wai Hnin and Ingyinn, two young girls in Burma, have a chance encounter and immediately are pulled together by a mutual attraction. Wai is of a volatile, emotional personality and Ingyinn and young and confused. Moreover, Ingyinn is already engaged to a man. But when the attraction between the two girls becomes very apparent, Ingyinn must make a decision while Wai must rein in her own highly volatile emotion.

Director: M. Noe

Hey You

When two men arrange a hook-up, is who’s top or bottom all they should be worried about? Hey You exposes how, with the convenience of social media and dating apps, our hard-fought rights and freedoms can be taken for granted – and how, for many others, that fight isn’t over.

Director: Jared Watmuff


It is a story of a transsexual. A boy who feels like a girl. He is a stage actor and has fallen in love with his director. He would like to have a sex change and becomes a girl but his conservative father does not approve of this. He is trying to persuade his father and confess his love to the director.

Director: Morvarid Kashiyan

U for Usha

Usha, an illiterate single mother who works as a farm labourer in rural India, finds herself drawn to a female teacher of local primary school, in ways she never knew possible. This attraction plays an important part, in firing her passion to read and write as she hopes to be as good as the teacher, one day.

Director: Rohan Parashuram Kanawade

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