Good Kisser

When: Saturday, October 5th @ 7:00 pm
Where: Row House Cinema (4115 Butler Street)
Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

About the Film

This sizzling slice of lesbian drama takes place over an evening in Seattle. A lesbian couple, Jenna and Kate, have been together two years. Kate wants to spice things up with a threesome, but Jenna is shy and tentative. She agrees, but reluctantly, and Kate is all kinds of reassuring.  The couple’s date is Mia, an extremely attractive and mysterious woman, who is only in town for a short time. Over the weekend at Mia’s place, Jenna relaxes, even as she develops a sense that not everything she was told about the situation is true. Tensions build, jealousy unfurls, and secrets are revealed.

This movie is hot and engaging, and very entertaining. The actors exhibit sexual tension where it needs to be, juxtaposed with some truly cringe-worthy moments. The film stays sexy, playing with our sympathies, while avoiding melodrama.

Wendy Jo Carlton, who wrote and directed Good Kisser, is an emerging lesbian filmmaker with three movies under her belt. Her first feature, Hannah Free, stars Emmy-winner Sharon Gless. Her second feature, Jamie and Jessie are Not Together, is streaming now on Amazon Prime. She is also the creator of a web series, “Easy Abby”.

Director: Wendy Jo Carlton

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